Grant-ing Christmas Wishes

December 19 - 2020
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Hour Generation Foundation coordinates with local non-profits and school districts in Maryland, District of Columbia and Oklahoma City to identify specific families in need to help make their Christmas wishes come true. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of hope and assistance to make the holidays a bit brighter. Hour Generation Foundation is helping individuals to get back on their feet.


In the Grant-ing Christmas Wishes program, all family members are asked to share their wish list. The purpose of this is to provide needy families in the community with goods and services they may need at Christmas time. For some families, this may mean paying an overdue utility bill, purchasing snow tires for another, baby items or food for yet another.


In short, Hour Generation Foundation is attempting to Christmas a bit brighter for those families who have fallen on hard times due to illness, layoffs, financial difficulties or other trying circumstances. The goal of the Grant-ing Christmas Wishes program is to provide all of the essentials along with the wishes to fulfil a family’s need and ultimately, make a child’s holiday something truly special.


The criteria for family selection includes:

  • Income under $35,000
  • Family size: consisting of four or more children under the age of 18
  • Family makeup: single parent, grandparent led or double parent-led household
  • Not currently receiving any Christmas support



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